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FOX News
Dec 27, 2012 1:00am PST
segment tonight. president obama attracted year whelming support among hispanics in the last election sounding defeating mitt romney 71-27 among those voters. this is less conservatives searching for a way forward on immigration. some folks in the party are suggesting finding inspiration from former president george w. bush who recently weighed in on the debate. america is a nation of immigrants. immigrants have helped build the country that we have become and immigrants help build a dynamic tomorrow. can be a lawful society and welcoming society at the same time. i hope we do so with a ben benevolent spirit. >> is bush the face wants to embrace for the party's future. former political director for former h.w. bush and joining us from san diego murdock a fox news contributor. great to see both of you. let's start with you here. is this the way forward for the republican party now? the republicans took a beating. they got wailed on. the messaging was romney didn't do enough to court hispanic voters. is it really illegal immigration the problem or larger problem. >> larger problem. a re
FOX News
Dec 27, 2012 5:00pm PST
election in november. so the taxes are going go up. i mean the idea that -- taxes going to go up on obama care and a bunch of other taxes kick in and cost of living going up. the pragmatic rehe action would be in an a perfect world there would be no tax increases. going to happen one way or another. your point is he should stick to principle and go over the cliff. >> that is why he got elected by his body and in his district. we kept the house. the taxing authority. we have the constitutional authority and duty to go in there and tax and spend and create that budget. also we beat up obama and rightly so for the lack of transparency in the obama care debate and we are having four people negotiate the budget. put it back into paul ryan's hands and let's lead. >> i heard paul ryan's name mentioned. of course, his office, don't look at us. we support boehner. but look, if there was some revolt, if this thing is real and people will start mentioning ryan and it builds and builds and builds, i mean would he be somebody who said no to that? >> i think he would say no very quick. he might have ot
FOX News
Jan 1, 2013 10:00am PST
media did affect the election. when president obama-- when president obama decided he wanted to run for president, the media decided they were going to fall in love with him. he were going to create an image of somebody who was bigger, better, different, smarter, than any other politicians who came before him. he wasn't even a politician, as far as they were concerned. he was-- there was a chum in the wall street journal that described him as america's first cult personality president. it worked, bill. the pr campaign that the media crafted worked. obama got reelected. but, here is the final point on this. when you have this messiah-type figure who also has a goody bag, who's handing out free stuff to people. hey, you want contraceptives? hey, they're free, i'll give it to you. you want money? i'll take it from this guy and give it to these people. that's a tough candidate to beat and the media created that image, which is totally false, he is a politician, at times a very nasty politician, but they created a kind of mother teresa character and it worked. >> moses, i think more mose
FOX News
Dec 31, 2012 5:00pm PST
originally going to say election of barack obama. i think it's unfair. then i was going to say the nomination of mitt romney. i think that's unfair. the entire movable feast horror show that was the republican nominating process. the primaries, the iowa caucuses, all the way through the ends up compounding a lot of the g.o.p.'s problems. >> bret: there were five really good debates. [ laughter ] >> bret: in there. i don't know which ones but there were at least five. >> out of 1700 debates and then i started thinking of what is something we can all sort of truly agree on. mark twain once said that the reason why we rejoice at weddings and cry at funerals is because we're not the person involved. i will be a little bit more upbeat and say that the one unifying highlight was that the myians were proven wrong about the end of the world. and i know that's low hanging fruit, but if you look back on 2012 it was a really awful awful year in so many ways from sandy hook on down. at least we can all agree that a fiery consumption of the planet didn't happen. >> boehner for him it was his pl
FOX News
Jan 1, 2013 11:00am PST
i've grown comfortable with. >> i'm giving miller's election take a lot of thought and i disagree with him. i believe traditional america can come back, but it will take a very special person to make that happen. let's look at what happened. president obama received about 62 million votes, 11% less than he got in 2008. so he's slipping in popularity. mitt romney ended up with 3.3 million fewer votes than the president. close, but romney got the 2% fewer votes than john mccain in 2008. by any measure, a poor performance from governor romney. mccain was running right into recession. more about romney's failure to build on mccain's vote than obama doing anything. a stronger candidate would have won. mr. obama won the women's vote and black and asian, but 70% of the latinos voted for the president and that's the difference in florida, virginia, colorado and nevada, other states impacted as well. romney took white males and independents by significant margins, but when you bunch it altogether, when you bunch it up, it was an entitlement vote this year. american families earning less than $3
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)